Starbucks premium membership experience


Collaborated with Starbucks China to redesign the mobile application premium membership user experience.
Role: Freelancer Product Designer
Duration: 4 weeks

Find the problem

Current Design
Client‘s needs
  • Visual style consistency
  • Optimize the readability of membership information

User's voice
"I don’t know my current level and available benefits." 
"I don’t know I have coupons available."
"Not sure about the upgrade rules."

Redesign goal

  1. Refine information hierarchy - highlight coupons and benefits
  2. Simplify pages and improve legibility.
  3. Keep visual consistency.

Information structure layout

For the first step, I analyzed the core information that should be highlighted on the page.


membership level

Coupons and benefits

How to get coupons

Kept the core information in mind, I made some layout experiments. 
Flat layout
Concise, could highlight the information.
Longer page interface.
More compact interface.
Can show more content.
Distract users.

Visual exploration

Usability testing

After visual exploration, I made two versions of the design and did usability testing based on the two designs.
Design A




Next level benefits

Design B
Design A get better feedback in testing:
  • Individual accumulate coupon set the goal clearer.
  • Next level benefits have less priority, the tab could cause confusion.

Why not make the coupon more like coupons?

Final Design


membership level

Coupons and benefits

How to get coupons


  1. Find the balance between user-centered design and business goals.
  2. Conduct quik usability testing is a good way to support design decisions.

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