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Atelier Witchcraft

The oracle magic school is a VR-powered & gesture control game.

My Role:

Interaction Designer


Oculus / Unity


2 months

Quick View
Game Concept
图层 16.png

If you are a magician, you can use magic to complete your wishes. Fighting for your dream and lover as a hero.

In this project, we hope to use users’ hands as the medium. Players are free to release spells through gesture recognition, solve puzzles and fight with virtual enemies. Virtual reality equipment can provide an immersive experience.

Design & Develop Flow 
组 6.png
User Interactions
组 7.png
Gesture Design

Powered by Leap Motion: Release magic in your hand

Design different skills and attack styles, combined with the magical background, inspired by four elements.

Interaction Flow

Game mode: Considering that VR game is more suitable for short, fast play mode.

For a better player experience, the best two modes of the game are puzzle mode and fight mode.

图层 10.png

Puzzle mode

Set the level through solve the puzzle

图层 11.png

Fight mode

Set the level through the fight with magic

Game map

1F:  Tutorial level

2F:  Fight level

形状 14.png
Build 3D World

Simulate spatial layout with simple modules before constructing a high-fidelity model.


1F model 


2F model 

Construct our magic world with Unity.

Attach the program to the basic mode, set up interactive points, make sure the program connected to the model correctly.

图层 10.png


We designed pattern puzzles, the users must solve the puzzle as one condition for winning. 

Choose the magic: MASTER’S HAND to pick up objects.


When the player selects the specified object, the specified object will be marked with a highlight.  At this point, the object can be picked up. Use Leapmotion to monitor gestures to control the picking up and dropping of objects.

组 4.png
组 4.png
椭圆 3.png
椭圆 3.png

A/B Testing

A/B testing (also known as split testing or bucket testing) is a method of comparing two versions of a project against each other to determine which one performs better. AB testing is essentially an experiment where two or more variants of interaction are shown to users at random, and statistical analysis is used to determine which variation performs better for a given conversion goal.


In this playtestng, we looked for 80 testers, including college students, teachers, normal employees, game enthusiasts. 50% of them are male, the others are female.

Test point: Boss fight chapter

When the player failed to defeat the enemy, the game returns to the beginning of the fighting process.

组 1.png

Randomly choose 50% of players using A, the remaining test B.

After the test is completed, the game is scored synthetically by the testers.

组 2.png

Average scores

组 1.png

Based on the test results, we use version B to get better user support.

Final Implementation
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