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Hospital educational game

A PC gaming experience to educate frontline healthcare workers on hand hygiene. (2).gif
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In a team of 6, we worked for client Allegheny Health Network to design a PC game to educate frontline healthcare workers on hand hygiene, raise their attention, especially during the COVID-19 special time.

The project was adopted in the nurse training section of 5 Allegheny Health Network hospitals in Pennsylvania.

My Role:

UI/UX Designer

Game Designer


3 Months


PC (Unity)

As a Game UX Designer, how did I contribute to the project

As a UX design, besides conduct well refined 2D UI resources to team, I also pay attention to how the game interface and layout should be desgn, and why they could help players' experience.

My design process including: 

Gameplay mechanism

Player Flow



UI system & resources


After interview with real players - Nurses, we get lots of  ideas about their ages, demographic and perferace. 

And we found out  that currently they already get lots of serious training section in both school and hospital, so we decided to design a game whith let them engage more in the experience and get impressive moments.

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Based on the interview, instead of play as a nurse, we decided to go with the machanism of let players play as a virus, and find the less hand hygiene moments, pass and infect as more as they can. 

I designed play interact button and feedback with a minimize cost of development, tested warefram in playtesting before the 3d art was ready, then turned UI to final styled version. (2).gif
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Final UI

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Education module

To serve the educational purpose and meet the requirement of  clients, I desiged two mini-games for educational sections. And also players as a virus will meet other virus in his journey,  to know about their information. (3).gif

Meet NPC Virus

Hand-washing Mini game

Group 1505.png

Virus Information Mini game

Group 1506.png


The story go through 3 main scenarios of nurses' daily life: 

Patient Room

unnamed (7).png

Elevator / Hallway

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During the game, players can choose pass to different nurses, and will lead them to different endings.

Player's choices

Screen Shot 2021-03-04 at 12.35.07

Multiple Endings

Screen Shot 2021-03-04 at 12.35.07

UI System

After 3D resourses were ready, I started to turn wareframe to UI. The design style defined came from player (nurses) interview: 

  • Nurse gender: 83% Female -- 17% Male.

  • 46% of Nurse age is around 20.

  • Nurses prefer lively, colorful visual style, like "Candy crash" is the game they play most.

Based on  the information, I found references and defined UI art style as lively & colorful.

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Screen Shot 2021-03-03 at 10.03.31
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Video Play Through

More Design Details

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